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Shri Sammed Shikharji Tirth Kshetra


 Shree Samed Shikarji

  Shree Sammed Shikharji

  Shri Sammed Shikharji Tirth Kshetra (Shree Sammet Shikharji) is located  15 Kms away from Parasnath Railway Station on Delhi - Howrah Line. Local transport is available from railway station to Madhuban hills. Official transport services are also available from Digambar Jain Mandir.

  Shree Sammed Shikharji is one of the most prominent pilgrimage among all the Jain pilgrimages located in  eastern  India. According to ethics if a person visits Sammed Shikharji engaging his full mind and with full devotion, he attains salvation in maximum 49 lives of his near future and thus he gets free from worldly affairs, affection and aversion.

  Tirthankaras attained Nirvana at Shikharji

 Shree Sammed Shikharji is the topmost light of 'nirvana'. Of the twenty-four Tirthankaras of Jainism , twenty Tirthankaras namely, Ajitnath, Sambhavnath, Abhinandan - prabhu, Sumatinath, Padmprabhu, Suparshwanath, Chandraprabhu, Suvidhinath, Sheetalnath, Shreyansnath, Vimalnath , Anantnath, Dharmnath, Shantinath, Kunthunath, Arnath, Mallinath, Munisuvrat Swami , Neminath and Parshwanath spent the evening of their lives on this great mountain and attained the supreme status of 'moksha'. Sammed Shikhar is an astonishing , unique and awakened holy pilgrimage.

  अट्ठावयम्मि उसहो, चम्पाए वासुपुज्ज जिणणाहो,
उज्जन्ते णेमिजिणो, पावाए णिब्बुदो महावीरो ||१||
वीसम तु जिणवरिंदा, अमरासुर वन्दिंदा धुदकिलेसा,
सम्मेदे गिरि सिहरे णिव्वाण गया, णमो तेसिं ||२||

 "On Ashtapad Lord Rishabha, at Champa Lord Vasupujya, On Urjayant (Girnar) Lord Nemi, and at Pava Lord Mahavir attained nirvana.||
And the rest 20 Lord Jinas, worshipped by the gods, entered Nirvana at the top of mount Sammed, "namo" to them."||


The ancient reference of Sammed  Shikhar has been made in the scripture Jnatadharm Katha,  the 'Parshwanath Charitra'  (biography of Parshwanath) of Kalpsutra, and in the medieval literature 'Samidigiri' or 'Samadhigiri'. The local People address it as Parasnath Hill. It is also mentionable that this  pilgrimage is called 'Sammet Shikhar' in the Shwetambar tradition and 'Sammed Shikhar' in the Digambar tradition.

The renovation work of this pilgrimage was done from Samvat 1925 to 1933. In renovation new 'dehris' (small temples with prominent thresholds) of Lord Aadinath, Lord Vasupoojya, Neminath, Mahavir and the eternal Jineshwar Shree Rishabhanan, Chandranan, Varishen, Vardhmaan etc. The renovation of this pilgrimage was undertaken again in Samvat 2012 completed in Samvat 2017.

   Jain Tirthankara

The journey to this holy pilgrimage rids misery, confers piety and destroys sin. All around here 'Toonks' of Tirthankaras have been built. The First 'Toonk' is that of Ganadhar Gautam Swami. Images of foot prints of twenty-four Tirthankaras and ten Ganadhars have been installed here. A few steps away from here stands the Toonk of Shree Kunthunath, which was consecrated in Samvat 1825.

Near Lord Shree Kunthunath's Toonk is the Toonk of the eternal Jina Shree Rishabhanan. Close by is the Toonk of another eternal Jina Chandranan. Near it is the fifth Toonk, of Tirthankar Shree Neminath.The sixth Toonk belongs to Tirthankara Arnath. The Lord had attained 'Nirvana' here on Margsheersh Shukla Dashami.

After comes the Toonk of Tirthankara Shree Mallinath. Here the holy feet-marks were installed in Samvat 1825. Ahead of this is the eighth Toonk, that of Tirthankar Shree Shreyansnath. Here too the holy feet-marks were installed in Samvat 1825.

A little ahead there is the ninth Toonk. Here Tirthankara Shree Suvidhinath had attained 'nirvan'. The tenth Toonk is that of Tirthankara Padmaprabhu. The eleventh Toonk of Tirthankara Shree Munisuvrat Swami. At a high summit a beautiful Toonk is seen from here. This Toonk is dedicated to Tirthankar Shree Chandraprabhu. 
  The Jal-Mandir is 2 kms. away from here. On the way we get a glimpse of Lord Shree Aadinath's Toonk. At a little distance away from here is the fourteenth Toonk. The feet-marks of the fourteenth Tirthankara Shree Anantnath are installed here. The fifteenth Toonk is that of Tirthankara Shree Sheetalnath. The sixteenth Toonk belongs to Shree Sambhavnath.

The seventeenth Toonk is that of Lord Shree vasupoojya were installed in Samvat 1825. The eighteenth Toonk is that of Tirthankar Shree Abhinandan Swami installed in Samvat 1825.

The Jal Mandir stands at a little distance away from here is the only temple on the entire Sammed Shikhar where the idols of the Tirthankars are auspiciously present. On the three sides of the temple there are natural 'Jalkunds' (ponds) . Therefore, it is called 'Jal Mandir'. The dignified solemn idol of Lord Shamaliya Parshwanath majestically installed in the temple as the principal deity spontaneously soaks the heart with a sense of devotion

On the way from Jal Mandir to Parasnath Toonk,is the twenty-first Toonk of Tirthankar Shree Dharmnath. At some distance is the twenty fourth Toonk of Tirthankar Shree Sumatinath. Here the Lord had attained 'nirvana' on Chaitra Shukla Navami. The twenty-fifth Toonk is that of Tirthankar Shree Shantinath.

The twenty-sixth Toonk is that of Tirthankar Mahavir Swami. The twenty-seventh Toonk belongs to Lord Shree Suparshwanath. Ahead of this is the twenty-eighth Toonk, of Tirthankar Shree Vimalnath. The twenty-ninth Toonk is that of Tirthankar Ajitnath. The thirtieth Toonk has been dedicated to Tirthankar Neminath. The last and the highest Toonk of the great Sammet Shikhar pilgrimage is that of Lord Parshwanath.

The foot of the Sammet Shikhar mountain is called Madhuvan. All around it there are large clusters of trees sprinkling 'madhu' (honey). There are several places of attraction as:
There is an attractive temple of Shree Bhomiaji Maharaj, inside the Kothi. There is also a huge Jina temple in the form of a cluster of eleven temples. A 90 cm. idol of Baghavan Parshwanath is installed here as the principal deity.
There is a majestic temple of Lord Shree Chandraprabhu in the middle of the Kothi. Samvasaran temple has been built on the left side of the third door of this temple.
Fifty-two Jinalayas have been built here. This temple houses the idols of many Jain Tirthankars.
This Museum has been built by Shree Jityasha Foundation, Kolkata. On the first floor of the museum many articles related janism have been collected. In front of the sprawling hall the most majestic 6 feet high idol of Lord Parsvwanath in the meditation posture is seated. All around on the walls there is an exhibition of pictures depicting Jain architecture. The museum also contains a collection of all the postage stamps issued on Jainism. On the first floor there is a collection of ancient art-pieces made of ivory and sandal-wood. On the second floor of the museum, 50 scenes depicting special sequence of events of Jainism have been shown.

Shri Digambar Jain Madhyalok Research Centre
This Research Centre, which has been recently built depicts the 'Madhyalok' as described in the Jain scriptures. The main building houses a massive statue of Bhagavan Shri Parshwa Nath in a huge hall. A library is being developed along-with research facilities for Jain scholars. The president of the Centre is Shri Chand Mal Ji Saraogi from Kishanganj, Bihar.

New Train from Maharashtra to SAMMED SHIKHARJI  The Government of India, having considered repeated requests from State Industries Minister and M.P. Shri Rajendra Darda, M.P.Shri Chandrakant Khare and other eminent persons, have accepted the request to provide a direct weekly express train from Kolhapur to Dhanbad, passing through Miraj, Satara, Pune, Ahmednagar, Manmad, Aurangabad, Nanded, Nagpur, Itarasi, Jabalpur, Allahabad, Varanasi and Parasnath. This train has been started from 25th December, 2009.The train is presently numbered 1045/1046 from Kolhapur to Nagpur and 2143/2144 from Nagpur to Dhanbad. It leaves Nagpur every Friday at 5.20 p.m. and reaches Sammed Shikharji on Sunday at 9.15 a.m.

  Shri Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Samed Shikharji
  Post – Madhuvan, Distt - Giridih (Jharkhand), India, Pin - 825329
  Contact Numbers: 
  Beespanthi Kothi  06558 - 232228, 232209, 232361
  Terapanthi Kothi   06558 - 232231
                    M.L.S.   06558 - 232257

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